Re-connect With Your Loved Ones In 3 Easy Steps

Re-connect With Your Loved Ones In 3 Easy Steps



Our interactive video to discover: how you hear, what you need to know about hearing loss, diagnosis and treatment.

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People, Price and Performance

These three things matter when choosing hearing aids. At Randolph Audiology, we offer many models of hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers. Our prices are the best too, with entry level devices beginning at only $850! You should also call for prices on high-end digital devices. Our prices are the best!

People matter to us as well. We've been building relationships with area residents for over 20 years. Our youngest patient? Three months old. Our oldest? 103! We offer a quiet and private setting for discussing your hearing loss and hearing device needs.

When your hearing has to be the best it can be, then performance is what matters most. Our top-of-the-line devices pack in more features to help you better. Features may include small size, including some INVISIBLE models, background noise suppression and bluetooth capability.

People, price and performance. Friendly and expert professional service by an experienced award-winning audiologist. That's why you should choose Randolph Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic.

Auditory Processing Testing

We are one of Charlotte's only clinics providing auditory processing evaluations for children. Auditory processing problems are most prevalent in children who have a history of chronic ear infections and those who have a speech problem. We begin testing on children as young as six years of age. The evaluation consists of a battery of standardized tests. Most evaluations last one to two hours and result in a written report.